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The three major cities of Nottingham, Leicester and Derby are all county capitals of their respective counties.

Seen as a triangle of East Midlands enterprise, the three cities share a common rural landscape, all drawing in trade from an overlapping geography, yet all for their own unique reasons.

Derby is world renowned for being home to Rolls Royce, a business which brings far more than engineering to this community.

Nottingham is maybe most recognised as the home of the folklore character Robin Hood. Nottingham Lace is also highly regarded, and the old lace market is now a thriving area of bars and restaurants too.

Leicester has seen major growth in recent years, with a much improved road network and seemingly from the success of it’s local football club, Leicester City FC

Of course, the sporting scene is a strong asset throughout these communities, with Nottingham being famous for their Trent Bridge cricket ground, which hosts many international test matches.

Derby County FC is also now seeing great results, so it wouldn’t be fair to leave them out.

All in all, the three major cities of the East Midlands offer a diversity of opportunity, and Business Website Mastery is at the heart of this, ready to help any business that wants to rise above their competitors and see much better returns on their profits.

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