How to Get Your Local Business Found on Google

The need to get a business website found on the internet is essential, but getting it right is a complex process. For businesses in even slightly competitive industries, it can feel like an impossible task to get found on page one of Google. Yet with over 70% of all new consumers looking to the internet to support a buying decision, businesses simply cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities an online presence brings.

Business Website Mastery sets business owners on the right track to search engine ranking success. The workshop-based or self-guided learning explains the essential basics that business owners simply must know, even if they then have someone else creating their website for them.

As a starting point to online success, Business Website Mastery is a critical learning resource, and to top it all, there is no cost to access everything you need to know within these pages.

The Business Website Mastery Training Outline


The Business Website Mastery training program is designed to give a preliminary overview of what new business owners need to know when getting their brand found online and by potential new customers.

You can either access the information within the pages of this site, or if it suits your preferred learning method better, you can attend one of our one-day workshops.

Within the training, you will discover what is needed for a strong web presence, what is expected of you by Google, and what you need to do to maintain good search engine exposure.

After completing this short training, you will have sufficient knowledge and confidence to either move forward alone, or to engage with a web development partner from a position of strength.

Business Website Mastery training


The Learning Session

To help understand what will be covered during the Learning session, the topics are briefly outlined below.

1. What You Should Know About Online Marketing

This module will briefly discuss the different aspects of your business online presence. How you need to develop your brand, how you need to maximise exposure, and how you can make this all a reality.

2. The Low Hanging Fruit

This module will highlight the most effective and speedy routes to bringing in new customers.

3. What Google Really Wants.


This module discusses what Google expects to find out about your business. This is both from a marketing consistency perspective and to meet legal obligations.

4. Setting the Road Map forLong Term Growth

This module will pull everything together and set out high-level plans for growth

Not only do we cover what is needed to get you established, but also how to keep your site powered up and visible for the long term.

If you attend a Workshop Event, The factors discussed above will be covered in the afternoon practical sessions, as detailed next.


The Practical Session

If you have any questions from the Instructor-led or self-study Learning Session, or you want to spend one-to-one time with the tutors in building your online brand, then you should arrange your personal slot for these practical sessions.

Each session will be for around 45 minutes and will dig in deep on your own business marketing needs.

During this time, we will help you plan a strategy for implementation, with clear support and guidance on how to make it happen.

This will include choosing a brand for your online presence and can even extend to registering the domain name and setting up the hosting area.

At the end of this time, you should be fully informed on what steps you need to take after leaving the training.

If you do not attend a workshop Event, but are using the self-study materials, then you can still upgrade to a supported plan, where we will work with you more directly on achieving your goals.

After Attending a Workshop Event:

All of the materials covered during the day are made available within this site.

This supporting information will guide you through the tasks you need to perform, with the chance to ask for support at any time.

Either during the training, or shortly after, we will create the online assets that have been discussed, such as the domain name or the website.

Paying members will be provided with free, fast UK based hosting, which you are able to move away from at any time if preferred> Please do be assured that this hosting is within our organisation and we are therefore more able to support and protect this investment for you.


As with any training, setting the expectations is very important. While it is not essential, we would ask you to also read the following statements to help you understand what is being delivered, and what we are not able to support you with.

bwm Training outline

What to Expect:

We will do everything we can to get your business online. this will include a basic company or brand website, social media accounts, and business directory listings.

We will make sure the legal needs are covered, and we will make sure you are confident enough to go into your new website and edit it where needed.

The training will remain at a beginner level but will discuss strategies that are sufficiently advanced.

Because of this, you are encouraged to join the Facebook Group so that any questions can be asked at a later stage.

What NOT to Expect:

The assets that we will create for you will be delivered within a few days of the completion of training.

While we do aim to provide much of this during the one-to-one sessions, it is more important to spend the time we have together in a way that helps you best, and that might mean not spending time setting up accounts.

Although we will help with the fundamentals, we cannot create content around your business. That is your area of expertise and you should expect to create regular content moving forward. Sometimes these need only be short snippets for social media, but they are essential to business growth online.

We can also not be expected to provide graphics, images or logos etc. In many cases, images will be of your work, your work area, or your locality. This means it is much easier for you to create these (or have a local colleague create these).

If you need logo or graphics designs, then we can point you to the graphic designer that we use and trust. If you do choose this option, there would be a cost as it is outside of our fulfilment.

For Workshop Event or upgraded members, we will offer strategic help and support after the training, and will offer hosting for an unlimited period, but once we have covered the basics, we cannot offer ongoing technical support for your website etc.

Final Words.

If you have any questions or specific issues you want us to discuss, please let us know so we can plan those answers.

Also, why not sign up for our regular newsletter. It keeps you up to date with all upcoming changes, and puts you in control of your website.

The Business Website Mastery Team

The training is provided by highly experienced online marketing professionals. Not only can they provide getting started help, they can also assist with the expansion of your business, or the growth of existing business. To speak to us directly, you can either visit our contact us page, or use one of the methods below:

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